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Guard on Zeta Gravity Separator

The Guard system has been developed over the last year also bringing amazing new features to the setting and repetition of the Zeta Gravity Separator.

On Zeta the Guard comes in 3 versions:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+Guard


The basic version will fulfil the most common user, who do not have many different products and many changes of settings during operation. Still the basic version holds up to 100 settings.

The basic version is standard on the Zeta Gravity Separator.


The advanced version will be beneficial for the customer who feed with a vibration feeder and who use the Zeta gravity separator for many different kinds of material, and where the distribution plate and deck must be changed frequently.

Advance + Guard

The Advanced+Guard version is designed for 24/7 production where it is crucial to be able to monitor the condition of the Zeta gravity separator at all times in order to maximize quality,
efficiency and plan predicted maintenance.
Frequency motors ensure that the chosen setting remains exactly as selected – no further adjustment is needed. During maintenance and deck changing, only the top deck needs to be
changed, which significantly reduces downtime.

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