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To know how to clean and grade cereal and seeds requires very wide know-how and experience which Damas Seed Processing has gained through wide international activity and built upon since the foundation of Damas A/S. With a combination of leading edge technology and wide know-how of cleaning in practice Damas Seed Processing can offer large and small projects, tailored to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Damas Seed Processing has experience and knowledge in how to clean and grade all available grain, seed, pulses and grass seeds and thereby achieve the highest possible grading standards and highest possible germination standards.

Damas Seed processing A/S is a spinoff of SKIOLD A/S and Damas A/S.

Damas A/S was established in Denmark in 1863.

Damas A/S actually invented the screen cleaning machine and has ever since then been one of the leading brands within the highest quality seed cleaning and grading machines.

SKIOLD A/S acquired Damas A/S back in 1998 and has since then developed heavily in the DAMAS product range and invested in modern production facilities to the great benefit for both companies as part of the SKIOLD Group. Today the DAMAS brand and product range stands stronger than ever.

As the niche market of the Seed business requires specialized knowhow, focus and attention, the sales and application know-how of the business unit SKIOLD SEED has been allocated in a separate company: Danish Seed Processing A/S using the brandname Damas Seed Processing A/S.

Damas Seed Processing A/S is owned by the management of the company and has tight connections to the SKIOLD Group who is the manufacturer of DAMAS key machines.

In Damas Seed Processing A/S we are committed to help our customers to produce high quality seeds.

In Damas Seed Processing A/S we are likewise committed to develop the seed knowledge and application know-how to secure that our customers get a maximum return on their investment.

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