Danish Seed Processing

Remove Mycotoxines

Remove mycotoxines with SIGMA

The DAMAS SIGMA is a high-capacity pre- cleaning machine for small-sized to large grains that can remove mycotoxines.

In the DAMAS SIGMA seed and grains are cleaned centrifugally by being forced against the rotating screens, each individual grain will be polished and cleaned across its entire surface area.

This process reduces the presence of germs, fungi and bacteria on the surface by up to 90 % giving you a much more hygienic end product (proven by the independent German Test institute IFF).

Damas Uniseed - Duoseed Pre & Fine Cleaner (remove mycotoxines)
Damas Sigma cleaner (remove mycotoxines)


Excellent cleaning performance and removal of up to 90 % of all mycotoxins from the surface of your grain – all in a space-saving, vibration-free package.

The DAMAS SIGMA is a high-capacity pre-cleaning  machine for small-sized to large grains or cereals.

The DAMAS SIGMA is designed for pre-cleaning, malting barley grading, intervention standard cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning of cereals. 

The DAMAS SIGMA takes up very little space and can easily be built into existing plants. The DAMAS SIGMA requires very little foundation because of its vibration-free construction, making it suitable for mobile installation.