Danish Seed Processing


Omega Pre- & Fine-cleaner ​(pre cleaners)

Omega Fine Cleaners

Omega fine cleaners – high grading efficiency with low power consumption

The DAMAS OMEGA is a flexible and efficient cleaning/grading machine which can be used for a wide variety of cereals and seeds, from light to heavy seeds all the way from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning. The DAMAS OMEGA is capable of handling up to 240 tons per hour when cleaning cereals – and up to 27 tons per hour when grading seeds. 

Whatever your needs (and seeds), DAMAS OMEGA can match them with only minor customization needed – in most cases with no customization whatsoever.  

The DAMAS OMEGA air screen cleaner grades and cleans your grain or seeds by evenly distributing the material across screens which vibrate in the special “Damas pattern”. This motion increases the efficiency of the cleaning/grading process and significantly reduce the pay-back time of the machine.  

Vibam Fine Cleaner

Damas VIBAM universal cleaning machine

Cleaning for many different types of grains and heavy seeds.

The Damas Vibam is a universal cleaning machine designed to clean a wide variety of grains and seeds quickly and precisely. Vibam offers competitive value combined with high capacity and easy operation. 

As standard, the Damas Vibam is provided with both pre-suction and aftersuction units. 

Damas Uniseed - Duoseed Pre & Fine Cleaner

UniSeed - DuoSeed Fine-Cleaner

Damas Uniseed/Duoseed cleaning machines are designed for grading of grain on the farm premises or in small-scale industrial grain treatment. It delivers all the benefits and efficiency of the industrial DAMAS OMEGA grader/cleaner in a compact, cost-effective package and is ideal for farms where grain is used for feed as well as for sale. 

The Damas DuoSeed is a double UniSeed machine, which saves a lot of space in your grain treatment facility. The machines are available in several versions and can be provided with a feeding device with or without clipper-de-awner and a presuction unit.

Uniseed/Duoseed cleaning machines are especially suited for cereals such as rapeseed wheat barley maize etc.