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Remove Ergots with an IST Color Sorter

Remove Ergots

Ergot is a plant disease that infects developing grains of cereals and grasses. Ergots contain poisonous alkaloids and contaminated grain cannot be used for human or livestock consumption. 

Contaminated grain, fed to stock or used to make flour, can pose a risk to animal and human health. Such grain may be rejected, require additional cleaning, or demand a reduced price. 

Ergots can be difficult to remove by mechanical cleaning, as grain infected with ergot comes in many different sizes and shapes, and even just in various colors, all depending on how effected the grain is by the diseases causing the ergots. However, grain infected with ergots has a different color than the grain and can thefore easily removed by the IST color sorter.

Infinity Plus - Best Solution for Removal of Ergots

IST optical sorting that offers fast, reliable, and efficient detection of faults and impurities in your grain or seed material.

With optical cleaning, you can increase the purity level of your grain by removing all those defects that could not be removed by mechanical cleaning.

One of the main uses of optical sorting is, for instance, to control and remove ergot from cereals in order to fall within the tolerance levels allowed by the new regulations.

IST optical sorting machines features latest technology using a user friendly own developed software. A self-learning system can be used to set up a program within just a few minutes, which automatically captures images of compliant products and all defects to be discarded.

The user-friendly software, combined with hardware based on international high-end standard brands, and an in-house developed unique ejection system, gives a state-of-the art optical sorting.