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Damas Aspirators


Compact and sturdy, the DAMAS PULCO air aspirators are engineered to handle any crop – light, heavy, small or large – with maximum efficiency and minimum noise and space requirements.

With the optional extension of the separation channel, the DAMAS PULCO machines can even be used to fractionate kernels with very small differences in weight.

Due to its compact size, it can be placed precisely where it’s needed in just about any production facility. It is ideal for precleaning at intake, for additional air cleaning in fine cleaning processes, for cereal seed before dressing, for industrial cleaning or for malt at outloading.

Damas Aspirators

Lofco - Damas Aspirators

Damas LOFCO is a highly efficient aspirator with built-in air recycling system for the separation of light particles from

grain, seed and other granulated material. Damas LOFCO is an industrial, compact, and environmentally compatible construction and is easy to operate.

Damas LOFCO is ideally suited for the separation of light products because of its highly efficient aspiration chamber with the newly developed turbo-technique combined with the frequency operated fan.