Danish Seed Processing

Damas Pulco Aspirators

Your direct benefits with Damas Pulco Aspirators

Cost and cleaning

Damas PULCO Aspirator consumes very little electricity compared to its output and has a very long working life – and very low need of maintenance from year to year. The fact that this aspirator is designed to be self-cleaning also means very little downtime – so you can run your production plant at high capacity when the need arises.

Extra-high cleaning efficiency with Damas Pulco Aspirators

The PULCO S is a model with a vertical air chamber which acts as an extension of the horizontal air chamber. This makes is possible to achieve a much stronger air aspiration without the risk of discarding any good material in the process. What you get is unparalleled cleaning efficiency and much better return on your investment.

Operation and environment

The PULCO is prepared for three different types of blowing-off, giving you full flexibility in your installation:

Type 1: Suction through filter

Type 2: Blowing-off to cyclone, dust chamber or the like

Type 3: Suction-off through cyclone

Improved working environment

Because of the reduced need of air change, the PULCO will effectively improve the working environment in your facility. The reduced need for air change in the production facility also makes it easier to maintain a pleasant temperature in your production. The PULCO is almost completely silent during operation, which also helps improve the working conditions for your employees.