Danish Seed Processing

Color Sorters

Infinity Plus

Optical sorting that offers fast, reliable, and efficient detection of faults and impurities in your grain or seed material.

The IST range of optical sorters uses high-resolution RGB full color cameras to identify impurities in grain or seed materials. IST optical Sorters can recognize, and separate particles based on Color and Size and also foreign matters, like e.g. glass, plastic, stones, can be removed by adding NIR (near infrared) cameras.

Even defects that cannot be visually distinguished, such as shells and dried fruit, can be recognized and removed by adding SWIR (Short-wave lnfrared) cameras.

IST optical sorting machines features latest technology using a user friendly own developed software. A self-learning system can be used to set up a program within just a few minutes, which automatically captures images of compliant products and all defects to be discarded.

The user-friendly software, combined with hardware based on international high-end standard brands, and an in-house developed unique ejection system, gives a state-of-the art optical sorting.