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Vibam Pre- & Fine Cleaner

Your direct benefits

Damas Vibam Pre- & Fine Cleaner – double scalping

The DAMAS VIBAM pre- and fine cleaner is a true seed cleaner as the screen system easily changes over from single scalping to double scalping. The change is done within minutes and now the double scalping function is allowing to separate both long- and round-shaped unwanted material.


Easy change between pre- and fine cleaning

The layout of the DAMAS VIBAM universal cleaning machine makes it easy and quick to change from precleaning to fine cleaning – a feature which makes day-to-day operations far more efficient.

  • DAMAS VIBAM universal cleaning machine for many different types of grains and heavy seeds.
  • The DAMAS VIBAM is a universal cleaning machine designed to clean a wide variety of grains and seeds quickly and precisely.
  • DAMAS VIBAM offers competitive value combined with high capacity and easy operation.
  • As standard, the DAMAS VIBAM is provided with both pre-suction and aftersuction units.


Damas Vibam Pre- & Fine Cleaner – fine-cleaning

The technical parameters of this fine cleaner make the machine especially suited for fine cleaning due to the movement of the scree boxes. The design of the integrated pre- and after aspiration system makes the installation cost very efficient as light impurities are removed with the pre-aspiration and only by one fan.