Danish Seed Processing


Your direct benefits

  • The DAMAS SORLA Series of densimetric table separators offers higher capacity with a smaller footprint.
  • With fewer moving parts and associated equipment, the table separator significantly reduces operating costs.
  • By increasing separation efficiency (99% +) and eliminating recirculation flow, the table separator uses considerably less associated equipment resulting in lower power usage.
  • With only (1) inlet and two (2) outlets (light and heavy kernel), the table separator achieves more than 99% separation efficiency without product recirculation, resulting in a reduced amount of broken kernels.

Damas SORLA unique compartment design

DAMAS HOTYP separators are designed for high-capacity industrial seed/grain separation. You can rely on the machine to remove almost 100 % of broken seeds or grains – which means that you can optimize the selling price of your grain or seed.